Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tired of the robots

I wish you could get a hold of a person when you called them some place. You just talk to a robot and they just push a button, push a button, push a button and then when they do give you to a human they donít know anything anyway. You might as well be talking to a robot. It gets so frustrating. Everybody is fussing about it. What happened to when you called something you get a human every time? Somebody with some sense. Thank you.

Just ask for it

Hello Miner, Missouri. Hello to the Speakout where somebody was concerned about the small print that Miner put in there about their budget. Itís not ours. We send a full sheet. Itís what the paper does. Ask your Mr. Jensen. If you canít read it, go to the city hall and they will print you out a budget thing, so quit complaining. Get your eye sight checked.

Great advice you give to quit complaining.

Time to rise up

Yes, I think it is time for Republicans to start to rise up and resist. Start to stand against what Democrats and crazy liberals are trying to destroy our country. If we donít rise up, not only Republicans but independents who are tired of seeing whatís happening to our country, rise up and begin resist ourselves and letís make a difference with what is happening with our country. Thank you.

Time to change the meds

My comment about the ideal downtown Sikeston in the May 2, 2018, Speakout. This person is going to build his or her ideal place to live. Maybe this person needs to get medicine changed or change video games.