Saturday, June 9, 2018

Why do seniors come back?

Hello Southeast Missouri. Congratulations to all seniors in the Bootheel. It looks like a rainy start here. Itís 2 oíclock, ten till. My question is, and I think itís kind of far fetched and an idiot idea, but kids graduating today but they have to all come back next week and get their diplomas. So youíre taking another week out of their freedom after theyíve already worked their butts off all this long. And weíve got to come back. So youíre dictating to the kids and their families that you run them for another week. Thatís a bunch of bull to me. So school board, whoever thought about it, rethink your thoughts. Have a great day.

Rainy graduation ceremony

Iím sorry for the graduates in Sikeston. They had a rainy day. That is one of the grownups taking a chance on the weather during a season change. They should be smart enough to put it inside the gym, even though it might be loud or warm in there, turn the air conditioner on. The taxpayers are paying for it. Everybody jumping up and down like a bunch of fish because their graduate is going to cross is cool, but be civilized about it. Donít have it outside because youíre going to have what you got today. And you want our students to make judgment calls and better judgment, I think you guys need to make better judgment calls too. Use your head for a change instead of your buddy system. Have a good day.

While unfortunate rain disturbed the ceremony, it used to be held in the Field House but numerous complaints, including a limit to the number of people allowed in to watch graduation, caused the move outside.

Why not show the party?

Now that KFVS wants to broadcast everything and show it on the TV why donít they show the party going on up there with the champagne and the high-fiving and the dancing now that Greitens is resigning. Iím sure they are having a party, as Iím sure they would if any Republican would resign. Thank you.

Idea for Starbucks and conservatives

Just a thought. Any white conservative in the United States that buys a cup of coffee from Starbucks should spill it in their lap.

Thanks for replacing papers

Thank you so much for replacing my newspapers that got soaked in the recent rain with some dry ones that were in wrappers. I enjoyed reading them. Thank you.