Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thanks for stealing my wallet

To the thief who stole my wallet when I was at Restart in Sikeston Monday morning, thank you for depositing it in a FedEx drop box with all my cards and information inside, less the money. More than $200 which was inside. That was quite a haul for you for a dayís work wasnít it. Anyway thank you for leaving my wallet where it could be found. And thank you to the honest man who found and returned it and would not accept a reward.

No one answers the phone

I donít know why in the world you canít call any place any more and get a human. It just beats all I ever saw. Why do they have all those little gals sitting around in them offices for if they arenít going to do anything? You have to push buttons and everything and you still donít know any more than you did when you hang up. Itís just utterly ridiculous. Itís always weíve changed our menu. Thatís stupid. You canít even call Sikeston without having to push buttons. I donít know what this worldís coming to but it ainít the world, itís the stupid people in the world. If theyíre going to pay them to sit in the office, they ought to pay them to answer the phone. A lot of times you need information you canít even get the right information. It causes you problems. Alrighty. Thank you.

Thank you for the walkers

Hi, this is Shirley at 931-4609. I want to thank you for the couple of walkers that were brought in here to Wendell Apartments and I want to thank you for the walker that has been given that needed this stuff. If you come with anything else, wheelchairs are really needed along with the walkers, just give me a call and I will meet you at the back door with the stuff that way you donít have to run through the place. Just come to the back door and call me and Iíll meet you there. I appreciate what you bought and Iím sure these other people do to. Thank you very much. God bless you.