Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Please come and get your cat

Yes, to the Sikeston couple who moved off Wakefield, you took your dogs with you and left your cat behind. Please come back and get your cat. It drives your old neighbors nuts by being in their carport and patio constantly. Thank you.

Deja vu in the paper

Let’s call this Speakout, deja vu. Shame on you Standard Democrat. Not only have you reduced the paper to three days a week, now you are filling editions with repeated articles. Example, May 23, front page “Sikeston man sentenced to 87 months in prison.” Page 5, “Sikeston man sentenced on stolen gun charges” both articles are verbatim. Page 3, “Teen suspect in Maryland officers slaying held without bail.” Page 5, “Teen suspect in Maryland officers slaying held without bail.” Really? You put out three papers a week and you have to repeat the articles. Do you have an editor on staff that is monitoring this stuff or are you just filling a white page? I have been a long time subscriber to the paper version of the Standard Democrat, but I’m really seriously rethinking spending the money on something that I’m just repeatedly reading over and over and over in the same edition. Thank you for letting me speak out and I hope you will do a better job in the future.

As the editor who is “monitoring this stuff” let me apologize. Unfortunately, a long internet outage that day made it impossible to check and make sure what was on our page 5 didn’t overlap with any stories elsewhere in the paper as all pages aren’t always done in the same building. We are sorry for the doubling up of two stories and don’t anticipate that happening in the future. Thank you for “kindly” pointing out our mistakes.

Shut down the #metoo movement

I tell you I get so aggravated at these old gals that say “he raped me, he touched me, he raped me in his motel room, he raped me at his house, he raped me here.” What were they doing in the motel room and stuff with him? “He forced me to do this and that.” How are you gonna force somebody to do something? Most of them are just lying through their teeth wanting money. They should put them on trial too. Thank you.

Thank you for correcting caller

Yes, I am so glad that you corrected the person that asked “Why are gas prices so high?” The gas prices were high when President Obama was in office. He was the only president that the prices were high. Thanks for correcting that person.