Saturday, June 23, 2018

Parentís need to take responsibility

Since there is no way to check every childís backpack as they enter school, the parents are going to have to start being accountable. Put your loaded gun by your bed at night, shut and lock your door. In the morning, put you gun in a locked box that your child doesnít know the combination to. Guns wouldnít get to school if the children didnít have access to them. This wouldnít solve the problems of adults going to school with a gun but it would cut down on school children bringing them school. Thank you.

Stupid for state to weigh in on medicine

Yes, I just took my uncle to his doctor. He has chronic pain. He has had hip surgery and back surgery and his doctor just told him that they had to cut his pain medicine down because of the state of Missouri telling the doctors what to let the patients have, unless they have cancer. I think this here is blatantly stupid. Thank you.

Investigate high electric bills

Yes, I was wanting to know if you could do a little bit of investigation on Ameren UE on our light bill here in East Prairie, because it is so different. Our electric energy charge was $189 and my electric customer charge was $10. I donít understand why I have to pay that. Then I pay another $10 for East Prairie monthly charge and then I pay another $5.53 for energy efficient charge and then another $4 and thatís around $30. I just want to know, they already charge for electric charge what I use each month so why am I paying another $10 for electrical customer charge? Then why am I paying another $10 for East Prairie? Their contract is with East Prairie to get my money for electrical I use each month. Why do I have to pay them so I can pay East Prairie? Thatís what I would like to know. Right thereís around $30 and it seems like it went up about $8. I know that ainít a lot but for people on a fixed income, thatís a lot of money. You know your light bill goes up $100 in one month by just running a 110. And I got all my bills out from last month, it never went up that much. It went up just $45 in one month for running a 110-air conditioner in this house. Thatís just a shame. Can you just find out and put in Speakout why they charge us $30 extra for the same thing. Like I said before, electrical energy charge, $189; electric customer charge we have to pay another $10 and then we have to pay another $10 East Prairie charge? Thatís their responsibility. Thatís what we use. Boy theyíre making a killing. Thank you. Please do a little bit of investigation for your reporters and put in Speakout whatís going on.

You can actually do your own investigation by calling Ameren and asking them about the charges.