Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Stupid for state to weigh in on medicine

Yes, I just took my uncle to his doctor. He has chronic pain. He has had hip surgery and back surgery and his doctor just told him that they had to cut his pain medicine down because of the state of Missouri telling the doctors what to let the patients have, unless they have cancer. I think this here is blatantly stupid. Thank you.

Turn down volume and cut down the trees

Mr. Editor, the first thing is your recording of instructions is much too loud. I was holding the phone two feet away from my ear and I could hear it very clearly and it was still too loud. Is that a joke. Is this funny to you? If I’m not deaf I will be. Anyway, what do you think about communities like ours limiting the height of trees within the city limits. I don’t know what would be the safest height to keep a tree to be too damaging from a home, but within the city limits I think it might be a good idea to cut trees down once they reach a certain height. Then acreage could be purchased on the outskirts of town and plant big tall trees for the cooling effect. I just think it might not be a bad idea. We have some pretty large trees in this city that probably don’t need to be where they are.

You can turn the volume down on your phone or if you are worried about your hearing, you can email your speakout to news@standard-democrat.com.

When is recycle trailer coming back?

Is Benton, Mo., going to get their recycle trailer back? Where should we take our stuff at? Everybody seems to be quitting recycling trying to find a place to take it. Thank you.

Why do bosses keep their jobs?

I would like to know when jobs get cut at businesses why the people who work for minimum wage and barely make a living always get laid off and the big, high paying bosses that could probably live the rest of their lives on what they’ve made, they keep their jobs. I just don’t think that’s fair. And all the people who have money, most of them wouldn’t spit on a poor person if they were on fire. One of these days they’ll meet God and they’ll have to answer to all that. Thank you.