Friday, June 29, 2018

Going to pray for the rude people

Yes, I would like to leave a comment please. I live in these in apartments over here, I wonít say where. I just want to say something to you old people and disabled people who live here. Iím disabled myself but you know Iím not rude and Iím not mean to people. Thatís how it is with me. Iím going to pray for you guys. Sitting and ignoring people like they are nothing. But anyway, Sunday will be here pretty soon and you guys should go pray for yourselves and Iíll certainly pray for you. I donít know how you can be that way. I donít understand. And as far as you guys who left to go somewhere Iíd be afraid to get in your car youíre so old. You probably run me in a ditch. Have a great day.