Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thanks for the help

Monday I fell down at the dollar store here in Morehouse and I just want to thank everyone that tried to help me. They were so nice. And this gentleman that got my hair out of my glasses, I just thank and praise him special because he wanted to this and he wanted to that. And a special thanks to Jackie Hayes, our city policeman, he came out and waited to get the ambulance to help me. I just want to thank and praise everyone that tried help me and that little lady that works in that store, she went and got me a chair to sit down in while she filled out a report for me. Those little ladies in that dollar store they go far beyond their duties. They are really nice. I just want to thank and praise everybody, especially I want to thank and praise the good Lord that I didnít break up anything. I didnít break a bone in me and Iím so thankful for that. And I thank you for letting me speak out.

Read your employment sheets

Hello America, hello Southeast Missouri, hello manufacturers. This is about the ones on Channel 12 news yesterday. And it was the Amazon corporation and I guess these women, I canít tell, they had them rags on their heads and their long things. Read your agreements on your employment sheet. If you canít deal with it, I hope Amazon pulls that warehouse out of your state, because if you canít do the work, your production is low because of all that garbage youíre wearing. This is America folks. Deal with it or leave it. I love my country. So lets get going. Amazon, your doing a great job. You just need to keep your stiff up and tell them you hired on here. We didnít come get you, you come to us. God bless America. I said America.