Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Engineers need to protect infants

Every year we read of infants left in hot cars. Itís totally accidental but babies die. Canít our engineers figure out a way to protect them in the front seat?

Not a McCaskill fan

To the person who wrote in Josh Hawley has ridden his white horse into Mississippi County and that you were not going to be voting for him for senator of our great state, so I assume them you will be voting for the Democrat Claire McCaskill, who supported every radical idea that Barack Obama ever put forth in office. Who supported these open bathrooms, letting boys go in bathrooms with girls in all of our schools and who supports this open border agenda. And who was there in 2012 at the Democratic National Convention when they booed God. Is that really who you want to vote for? Over Josh Hawley, a God fearing, red-blooded American who will serve this state well? I certainly will not vote for Claire McCaskill.

Inform your customers

Yes, I donít have no message to read but the doctorís office over in East Prairie Ė†I know most of us over here are low income but when you are doing remodeling, painting, you need to put a sign up outside before people comes in. A lot of people has asthma, like my sister is having breathing problems now after going up there to the doctor. Headaches and everything else. And when you paint, you need to spend maybe $5 more a gallon and get low odor or odorless paint for your customers. Thatís a shame you didnít take time to think about your customers thatís keeping you in business and everything. People has asthma, breathing problems and a lot of other things that paint smell can effect. And I think you should have put a note on the front door, ďdanger.Ē Anybody else having problems please call Speakout and we will get in touch and see what we can do about it.