Friday, July 6, 2018

Clean up the mess in Miner

Hello Southeast Missouri, hello Miner. Miner, Missouri, and there is no foul language so this should be printed. We have a city attorney that refuses to negotiate or talk to – we have a union contract up in our town. She doesn’t want to meet. That is against the law. The town has already broken so many laws. Eric Greitens, he resigned. But that’s in Jeff City. We’ve got these little mayors and buddy system here, yes, I said buddy system mayor, do what they want to. It’s time to clean up this mess. Simpher phi. God bless America.

New baseball rules

I seen where in your paper a Cardinal ballplayer hit a home run off a Cardinal pitcher. Have they changed the rules of baseball or did Mike get into the communion wine before he proofread the article?