Saturday, July 7, 2018

Caught on camera stealing soap

Yes, Iíd like to speak out. I live over here at Wendell Apartments and Sunday evening about 5:30 or 6 oíclock there were three guys that was caught on camera, they stole my expensive washing powder in a big green jug and my fabric softener and heaven knows what else. I just want to let you guys know that you are on camera, you were caught on camera doing this by the landlord here, and you know what, weíre watching for you. You better not come around here. You donít live here number one and you shouldnít have been in here. This is supposed to be a place of safety and that is wrong what you done, to come in here and steal like that. Especially washing powder. One of you guys had a backpack on your back. And you were younger guys that come in here to the foyer. They got you. They seen you on there. And theyíre checking it out. You owe me washing powder and I wonít forget that. You have a good day and Iíll pray for you. I hope you enjoyed it.

Cellphones and Facebook are ridiculous

I tell you what, cellphones and Facebook and that stuff are just ruining this world. People donít even talk to their kids anymore. They get their 3 and 4-year-olds cell phones and then they sit around talking on cell phones, texting and Facebooking and all that stuff. That is just ridiculous. Parents need to get their behinds off their phones and quit Facebooking and texting and pay attention to their kids. They canít even walk without being on their cell phone, texting and talking and stuff and donít even pay attention to where theyíre going. Take them into church, take them into the stores. That is utterly ridiculous. They need to just use cell phones for emergencies or whatever. Talk to your families instead of sitting around tweeting and texting and Facebooking. That is ridiculous. Little kids donít even need a cell phone. Thank you.

Summer school isnít what it used to be

If you think summer school is for the kids that need it thatís a bunch of bull. Summer school is a babysitting job. When kids play video games and do what they want to do while a teacher sits at the desk to collect a paycheck. Then they holler they need more money. Itís not what you think it is. Summer schoolís not like it used to be. Itís just a babysitting job and teacherís are collecting money. Thank you.