Speakout (7/11/18)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Clean up house on 6th Street

Yes, Iím calling about a house or what used to be a house on 6th Street. This house was burned almost six years ago and the owner started tearing it down about a year ago and has almost all of it down. He will not work on it anymore and there is still stuff scattered all over the place, part of the brick is still there, itís just an eyesore. I was wondering if the city could do something about this. If you call the city, they act like it is just a hassle on their part. I just wonder if something could be done about it. Thank you for letting me speak out and have a good day.

Help a single mother out

I called in regards to ďBMU prices are too high.Ē I donít know much about these BMU prices except my monthly service but it seems as though she was probably three months behind. She was talking about a bill that was a $1,000. You are absolutely right, a single mother can pay no utilities like that. She should try to check different agencies about the bill. I wish I could help but Iím sure someone out there could help a single mother. Thank you.

Thatís why we get bugs

I want to speak out about our new red trash cans. The trash ran this morning and I went out and my trash can really smelled foul and I got out there and washed it out and sprayed it with something to make sure we donít get roaches. Everybody in Sikeston, cause these things smell terrible, if you take a water hose with soap and wash them out and spray them with some kind of good roach spray or something it would cut down greatly on our roaches and stuff like that. Also, Iíve seen people sit them on their porch and leave them for two weeks because theyíre not filled up. Please take your trash cans out every day the trash runs that way it wonít build up and it wonít cause bugs and things. It would help a lot if everybody in Sikeston would wash these things out because they get dirty like everything else. And thank you Speakout for letting me speak out.