Speakout (7/13/18)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Beware of high prices mowing lawns

Hello, Southeast Missouri, Sikeston, Miner. My complaint, or not so much a complaint, but people beware of these drivers coming around with trailers and lawn mowers and all that. Over-pricing. Everyone needs to mow their lawn and they are focusing on the seniors. It’s pathetic. Every time you turn around there is someone coming around with one of those zero-turns or whatever. Ladies and gentlemen they need a city permit if they’re going to do all that. They’re making a profit so evidently where they buy all that machinery they need to have an ordinance to charge them. Because they are charging the heck out of their customers you know for a little yard. They are just draining them. And they’ve got a fixed income. That is my issue of the day. Thank you and God bless America.