Investigation finds no foul play after two found dead near East Prairie

Friday, July 13, 2018

EAST PRAIRIE, Mo. — A death investigation into two bodies found at a residence south of East Prairie, has found no foul play.

According to Mississippi County Sheriff Branden Caid, autopsies conducted Friday on the bodies that were discovered Wednesday afternoon showed neither death was a homicide.

Caid explained the woman, who was born in 1938, was found by a neighbor behind her home. She had been outside 24-36 hours with a leash found tied to her waist and clipped to the passenger door of a car. Her son, who was in his early 50s, was found inside the home in a bedroom.

An autopsy revealed the son had a heart attack according to Caid, while the woman’s death was listed as undetermined due to the advanced stage of decomposition after being out in the extreme heat for over 24 hours.

The autopsy revealed no bullet wounds or stab wounds. “There was nothing that would lead us to believe it was a homicide,” Caid said, however he added the toxicology report is still pending.

A theory on the leash is that she tied it to her waist to walk the dog and used it to pull herself up while on her knees. Caid said she may have clipped to leash to the car door to pull herself up.

Caid said 15 investigators were involved in the case with several different agencies taking part.

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