Saturday, October 6, 2018

Internment camp or concentration camp

Mr. Editor, what is your definition of foul language? Foul thinking? Foul ideas? What is it? And would you please print the difference between an internment camp and a concentration camp? Iím sure you know what it is.

How did they vote?

Just asking. Could you please put in the paper, who on the Sikeston city council voted for and against the BMU rate increase? Thank you.

The City Council voted unanimously in favor of the increases.

Council is set to be ousted

This Speakout is about the Sikeston City Council approving a three-year BMU rate increase. I hope they have enjoyed serving the citizens of Sikeston because my guess is they will all be ousted the next time they are up for election. It is truly a travesty that Sikeston BMU has been so poorly mismanaged that this has to occur.

Thank you, Miner fire department

Hello Southeast Missouri. Hello Miner, Missouri. It was just a pleasure to see our fire department roaming the streets with their trucks and everything like that. Thatís great. Iím glad to see them out running. Keep them charged up. Working them. Norman and all the bunch, Iím proud of you all. Hopefully all your good work like that will rub off on some of the other departments. Keep it up guys and girls. I appreciate it. God bless America.

Democratís corruption is unveiled

I believe that one of the reasons that God intervened in the 2016 election and had a big role in getting Donald Trump elected president is to expose the evil in the Democrat party and the corruption in the Democrat party. What we are seeing unveiled right now, the evil and the corruption at the high levels of the FBI and CIA, none of this would have ever been exposed if Hillary Clinton had been elected. Now itís all being exposed. The corruption at the high levels of the FBI and CIA who attempted to thwart an election to get Hillary Clinton elected president and stop the democratic process in this country in having fair elections is disgraceful. The Democrats are a disgrace. They are nothing more than socialist, anarchist and nothing but pure corruption and the people of the United States are tired of this corruption. And we will not stand for it. There will be a red wave of enormous proportions in November because people do not want this corruption in our government any longer.