Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Two cars with no plates

Yes, Iím a concerned citizen. And apparently there are no enforcement rules for property other than the plantational locations in the north end of town. 305 Missouri thereís been two cars sitting there for two months and not one with no license plates. They havenít run in over a month and a half. The city has been called about them. The dealer plates are not dealer plates. The drive out tags on that one, I donít understand how he got that when a carís not left. So please print this. Thank you.

Take a civics class

I just read my Wednesday, Sept. 19 paper in the Speakout where the person said ďWe are not a democracy.Ē And apparently they are referring to the fact of a popular vote and that Hillary should be our president according to popular vote. What the idiot doesnít realize is that Bill Clinton wouldnít have been president if we would have gone with popular vote, because he didnít get the popular vote. So electoral college was put in place by our founding fathers for a reason. And if this person would just take a civics course perhaps he or she would learn what our government is actually founded on and not just rhetoric from the left, which apparently they are what has been deemed as low informed voters and this person definitely falls into that category.

Bill Clinton won the popular vote over George H.W. Bush by 5.8 million in 1992 and by 8.2 million over Bob Dole in 1996.

Democrats still going to destroy country

The evil that is being taken by the Democrat senators in our country is absolutely appalling at what they are doing to the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, for Supreme Court justice is absolutely a disgrace to this country. Brett Kavanaugh has served for over 30 years with an unblemished reputation with outstanding morals and a good family man. For the Democrats to destroy him and assassinate his character and get these women lined up until the final hour where they bring thing allegations right before the vote. It is absolutely disgusting. It is appalling what is happening to our democracy, what is happening to our constitution. These girls donít remember anything. They donít remember where it happened, how it happened, who was there, how they got there. They donít remember anything because it is nothing but a pack of lies. Senator Diane Feinstein had this letter for seven weeks and never once questioned Brett Kavanaugh on it and never once brought it out until the week they were supposed to vote. These Democrat, socialist, anarchist are going to destroy our country. Weíve got to vote Republican and get these Democrat, anarchist, socialist out of our government.