Saturday, October 20, 2018

Claire has to go

Claire is a no on Brett Kavanaugh before hearing the first word of a statement on either party or any witnesses that can be found if there are any to be found. Claire is just falling right in light with the liberal, anarchist, socialist Democrat party. She needs to go.

Private meetings are a no-no

Hello, Constitution of the United States of America, Southeast Missouri and Miner, Missouri. The ethics committee has been contacted with the attorney general on certain issues of private, closed session meetings with private attorneys and their clients. Thatís unethical, against the law and here in Miner, we will do our best to discontinue this erratic leadership. God bless America. And I hope to heck things will go different. Amen.

Ford was paid millions to lie

Well I saw today where this Dr. Ford, who got up and testified and told all the lies that she had to tell on Judge Kavanaugh, had a huge smile, a huge laugh on her face. I would be laughing, too, if I just got paid millions to do what she did by George Soros.

Turn off channel 12

This is regards to the channel 12, KFVS, and Iím just a hoping everyone will turn Channel 12 off and not watch it. After yesterday, KFVS just makes me sicker than every. They just done Britt K awful. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Who is the most ignorant?

I canít decide which one is the most ignorant. The old senators or the TV reporters.

When is the Book Bug open?

Iím the one who called in about the Book Bug being closed. If it is still open when is it open. I have been by there for the last six weeks and no one has been there. So if they are open could you put the time they are open. Thank you, I do appreciate it.

You can contact the Book Bug directly at 471-7767.

What is the ordinance?

Do we still have an ordinance against blowing the grass and leaves and trash into the gutter of the street? If thatís so, the contractors mowers mowing Davis, north of Wakefield blow it in the street and the street gutter every time they mow and they never clean it out. Thank you so much.

To file a complaint with the city or for a questions about city ordinances, call 471-2512.

Youíre fired, Claire

I just heard on the news that Claire McCaskill said Missourians donít care about Judge Kavanaugh one way or the other. Miss McCaskill your wrong. And, ďYouíre fired.Ē

Women are not always credible

Well I see all of these liberal, anarchist, socialist are crying out ďwomen must be believed.Ē Who says that women must be believed? Iím a woman. And why in the world would I think that women have more credibility than men? Credibility is not based on a personís sex.

Very rude at Sikeston Senior High

Yes, I just had an encounter with a principal at the Senior High School and Iím sorry but she is very, very rude and she has no compassion for the kids there. People talk about our younger generation. Maybe every once in a while the kids should be shown a kind word or a little of bit compassion. After all, it is school. We are there to help them and there is no point in being rude. Thank you very much and God bless.

Idea for Trumpís nomination

I have an idea that whoever President Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court, be it a 9-year-old that doesnít even know what ED stands for, the Democrats would have a field day with them. They would find something wrong with them. Thank you.

Trump lost a vote

Mr. Trump, one thing I can say is you have lost my vote. It would not hurt one thing to be more critical of people you put in office. You donít want to believe women, thatís fine. But your gonna lose a lot our votes.

Need some number to complain

Could you please list a number where I could reach my representative, anybody in the governmental office in Jefferson City and possibly Washington. If I had somewhere and knew where to call to complain.

Sen. Roy Blunt (573) 334-7044; Sen. Claire McCaskill (573) 651-0964; Rep. Jason Smith (573) 335-1931; State Rep. Holly Rehder (573) 751-5471.