Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bad apple ruined Cotton Carnival

Yes, I just wanted to say we were at the Cotton Carnival in Sikeston this morning and there was a man there in his 60s sitting there with a red-headed woman and a boy in his seat. A grown boy. Well that man, there was three little bitty boys by themselves and he kept grabbing them and kept running out to the vehicles and begging for candy. He was getting for the kids and for him, but mainly for him, and then when they came by with those beads who dragged halfway down the street with those little boys with him. I don’t know how they didn’t get run over. And then when they had the hats I thought he was going to jump in the car with them. And when they come through with that cake. He was hitting candy. He was taking it away from other little kids standing around. And when the majorettes came by he was out there. Those small ones was clapping his hands telling them “dance baby, dance.” It was horrible. We did call and speak to the sheriff’s department there and the city police and he was getting so obnoxious at that time. I’m sure he was drinking. It was pitiful. He was taking just buckets out of those trucks and pouring it in his sacks and trailers. But when the policemen came up on their bicycles, he left. But it was down there by Food Giant and that Nathan’s Car Wash between there. People left because of him. I do have to say that the Sikeston Police Department came down and they did take over. Because when they showed up he left. So I suspect he’s either wanted for something or under the influence of something. I have never, in all the years, I have rode my horses and been in those parades, saw anything like it was this year. It was just total chaos with that man. Please say something so next year we can be able to go and enjoy it. Thank you.

Questions about parade

Two questions. Why weren’t there any motorcycles allowed in the Cotton Carnival Parade this year? And question two, where were the Scott County inmates this year for street cleanup? Thank you.

To answer your motorcycle question you can contact the American Legion at 471-9956. To answer your question on the Scott County inmates, call the Scott County Sheriff’s Department at 471-3530.