Saturday, October 27, 2018

Parents need to control kids

Hello Southeast Missouri, Sikeston, Miner. Hello. Well we had the Cotton Carnival, we had the parade. We had the incident where a grandma and son got hurt. That’s very unfortunate but still the thing about it is on all this, they crowd the street. They crowd the through-ways and around. Before the day even started, I went down the street. They back out in the street and those kids don’t think nothing about that. Those parents don’t pay no attention. They need some yellow tape, all the way across there, where they don’t go past that. If they do, that’s a liability and the parents should be ticketed for not taking care of their children. I mean, they’ve got to take responsibility. The drivers of these floats and other stuff, they’re doing all they can and you’ve got all these little munchkins running all around, jumping out in the street and all this mess, it’s hard to. Then they got to clean up the mess after they leave. That’s another thing the taxpayers are having to pay to clean up their own stuff. They can’t take their own cups or whatever back home with them. They’re too dang lazy. Hello? Those are just my beefs so have a good evening and God bless America.

Vote against all Democrats

Urgent, please print as soon as possible. Now’s the time to question all Democrats in our country. Can you in good conscience vote for or support a party that supplies some of the most shameful tactics in our country’s history? You actually believe in tactics taken from the “Communist Manifesto” and Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Our great country is at the crossroads of freedom, liberty and individual rights versus socialism and government control in all aspects of our lives. If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up with the freedom and prosperity that you have known, do not vote for Democrats.

What about Amendment 1?

Yes, I was just looking through the Standard. We are going to be voting an absentee ballot. We looked at it and it was talking about Missouri Constitutional Amendment 1 change. I realized I don’t know very much about it. I was wondering if Mike Jensen may have editorialized on that amendment already or do you have something between now and election day that might give us more information. If you could get that it would certainly be appreciated. Thank you very much.

A story on the Amendment 1 change ran in our Oct. 12 edition.

Republicans never tell the truth

The only sin that a Republican can commit that can keep him from being Speaker of the House or keep him from being re-elected and that sin is something most Republicans never do. And that sin is telling the truth about anything. Thank you.