Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vote no on Amendment 1

Yes, hi. If you donít want redistricting of the congressional districts in the state of Missouri, then you will vote no on Amendment 1. The clean Missouri bill that is on the ballot is ambiguously written to make it appear as if it is something good. But it is evil in the works. It is Democrats trying to redistrict congressional districts to get a larger number of Democrat congressional districts in the state of Missouri. We need to vote no on Amendment 1.

Democrats just want to raise taxes

Does everybody remember the tax reform bill that was passed early this year in which a lot of our paychecks, we are now bringing home more money than we did? Itís because the Republicans and President Trump lowered our taxes so we get to bring home more money in our paychecks because we donít owe as much tax on what we make. Thatís the simple part of it right there. The Democrats, not one voted for it, not even Claire McCaskill. They donít want to lower your taxes. They want to raise your taxes. Thatís what Democrats do. They raise taxes so they can pay for all of their social welfare programs. So I encourage everyone to vote Republican and keep this economy booming. What President Trump has done is just miraculous. We have conservative Supreme Court justices that will uphold our moral Christian values and not allow these poor little girls to be exposed to these perverts in bathrooms and going into bathrooms where somebody refuses to be a boy or girl that day. Itís just absurd whatís going on. Stop the cultural anarchy that is the new Democrat party. Vote Republican. Tell Claire no.

Amendment 1 is dirty legislation

In response to another article on Amendment 1 on Missouri ballots in November, Claire McCaskill supports Amendment 1. It is being proposed by an organization called Clean Missouri. But there is nothing clean about it. It is a piece of dirty legislation that has been written to trick the average voter to think that it is good. But it is not good. It is nothing more than a Democrat attempt to redistrict every congressional district in Missouri so they have more Democrat districts in our state to take over the state of Missouri. I urge everyone to vote no on Amendment 1. Claire McCaskill must be stopped and her Democrat minions who want to overthrow the state Missouri by legislating and redistricting through gerrymandering and getting more Democrat congressional districts in the state to overthrow the Republican majority we have in the state. Please vote no on Amendment 1.