Friday, November 2, 2018

Get those bleeding heart liberals out of office

Prepare yourselves for the tens of thousands of immigrants coming from Central America headed for the Rio Grande to cross into the great state of Texas and be met by a swarm of Democrat lawyers with open arms welcoming them into our country. Prepare yourselves for you tax money to go to toward their housing, their Medicaid, their medical needs, their food, their education, their clothing. Everything they need to survive will be paid for by American tax dollars. Your money. Your tax dollars that is being withheld from your pay is going to go cover these people coming into this country illegally. Money that could be paid for your children, your grandchildren, your mothers, your fathers. This is a disgrace. It needs to end right now. Vote Republican. Get these bleeding heart liberals who are nothing more than radical anarchists trying to overthrow our country. Get them out of office. Vote Republican. End this madness.

Vote Republican to stop socialism

We have the power to stop socialism and tyranny dead in their tracks by voting for Republicans from the ground up in mid-term elections in November.

Can I still vote but just on select issues

Iím calling about the election we are going to be having on Nov. 6. I know there are two running for the federal senators and there is something about the roads in Missouri we need to take care of. Weíve got a page that you put out in your paper, seven pages of things about amendments, we canít even read it because my eyes, itís such fine print. So what Iím asking is can I possibly vote for the other things I know about and just not vote about the other things or will by ballot be thrown out if I donít vote for everything. Thank you very much.

Yes, you can vote for what you want. You do not have to vote on every issue or candidate.

Somebody wants you to vote Republican

If you want higher taxes, vote Democrat. If you want your guns taken away, vote Democrat. If you want partial birth abortion, where babies are killed coming out of the womb, the birth canal, vote Democrat. If you want higher regulations, vote Democrat. If you want your little daughters to be forced to go into bathrooms with transgenders who identify as a girl that particular day, vote Democrat. If you want open borders where illegal immigrants from all over the world, including ISIS, can walk freely into the United States and take all our benefits including health care, food stamps, housing, welfare, every benefit imaginable at our expense, who is paying for these benefits? You, the United States taxpayer. If you want continued anarchy in our streets in which people are being attacked, vote Democrat. If you want this social upheaval, vote Democrat. If you want your pastors to turn in their sermons to the IRS, continue to vote Democrat. If you want religious liberties taken from you, vote Democrat.

What happened to Kavanaugh can happen to you

Are there any women out there who have fathers, husbands, brothers, sons who are not horrified by what the Democrat Party and Diane Feinstein did to Brett Kavanaugh? It was horrifying and could happen to any of those people named in your family. We have got to end this. This cannot be anymore. Just remember that Claire McCaskill voted no for Kavanaugh.

ĎIdiotí responds to response

Hello. Say, this is the idiot who claims we donít have a true democracy. The U.S. Electoral College apparently has a true democracy and I read in Speakout where I was a very informed person, which most probably I am. The founding fathers who developed the electoral college, most probably, back then it was probably needed because I have checked into a lot of this and I keep coming up with the same thing. No transportation and poor communications. So they divided this thing up so there would be a group of people coming in to do the voting. And, which this lady or man or whoever it was, said I was informed, I have been trying to find out for several years why we have the electoral college. And Iíve talked to people and it comes down to the same thing. Lack of communication, lack of transportation. It has changed over the years and theyíve put different things in it to stop this and stop that like women voting, black people voting. They tend to pick the people they want to have this done by money and power. Now thatís what Iím getting at. I wish they would inform me. If this person knows so much, please inform me because I tell you what, Iíve been trying to find the answer for several years now and I canít figure out why we canít have just one man, one vote and do away with all of that. Because that would be the most simple thing to do and why should anyone not be given the right to say who is in there just because they are somewhere else? Please inform me so I know because I am an idiot and I know it. Thank you for letting me speak out.

If we eliminated the electoral college and elected a President on the popular vote, smaller states ó†including Missouri ó would have little voice in our federal policy. Given population migration, larger populated states like New York, California, Texas, etc., would have a much greater voice than rural states. Candidates would ignore smaller populated states because their votes would have little impact on the election outcome. The needs of smaller states would get little notice because of their smaller vote representation. If you want New York, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania to control federal spending and policy, then abolish the electoral college. But, rest assured, you abolish it all at your own peril.