Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Satan still exists

If anyone doubts the existence of Satan, they should look no farther than the top level of the Democrat Party and the compliant media that supports them.

Stinky situation

I live south of Sikeston on Highway AA. Unilever/Good Humor have their ice cream water dumped on a field not far from my home. The smell keeps you from enjoying outside activities, not to mention the flies. The Department of Natural Resources, and managers from Unilever, have been out to visit the dump site. They agree the smell is overwhelming but nothing is done. It is hard to believe they dump every day on a small parcel of land. This causes the water to pool in several areas. You would think they would have to spread it out over more acreage. Thank you.

What are Missouri values?

Mr. Editor, what are Missouri values? If you are going to refer to something like that you need to say what it is. Donít you think?

ĎIndoctrinationí explains evils of Democrats

There was a book written, entitled ďIndoctrination,Ē written about eight years ago. I urge everybody to get a copy of that book. Order it, download it, do whatever you can to see that movie, read that book. It tells about the indoctrination of our children to believing that socialism is right for our country. Everyone should realize that socialism is where the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The people with the big wealth will continue to hold their big wealth and they will work us little people like the dogs they think that we are, and withhold taxes from us and dole out just enough money to sustain us. Give us enough money for housing, food, the necessities, while they continue to keep all of their masses of wealth. Anyone who does not understand that has been indoctrinated by the indoctrination they have been doing to our children in all of the universities and public schools. It is a shame what is happening in our society. The anarchist that are overthrowing our form of government into nothing more than socialism and part of this new one world order. This new one world religion they see coming our way. They could care less about us. This is the new Democrat Party of the United States. It is no longer the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton. This is the Party of anarchist. It is the party of socialists. It is the party of Karl Marx. It is nothing more than cultural Marxism taking place in our country right now and the anarchist are in the streets.

Was Trump to blame for hurricane? Aid?

This is to Mike Jensenís comment in his editorial that itís just a matter of time before the Democrats blame President Trump for the Hurricane. No. Itís just a matter of time before President Trump tries to take credit for all of the good help sent down there to help. You need to wake up, Mr. Jensen, and look around. Thank you.

Blame Dems for political correctness

You know my dad always called that week or 10 days before that cold weather set in ďIndian Summer.Ē But according to the new Democrat Party, the new anarchist, socialist, progressive movement that has become the radical Democrat Party and their political correctness, it is no longer appropriate to use the term ďIndian Summer.Ē

Thank you but wear gloves and masks

Iím thankful for every in-home health nurse and therapist that there is. I just think they need to wear gloves and masks. We are already sick. We donít need anything else. Iím thankful again for every in-home nurse and therapist. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Clean up Channel 12

I would like to speak out concerning this general manager of KFVS that comes on there playing around, saying that he wants to have a better Heartland. Well, if he wants to have a better Heartland, he needs to clean up Channel 12, because I tell you, it is ridiculous. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Be aware, Mr. President, be aware

Mr. President, beware of wolves of sheepís clothing. I think you are getting ready to get conned by Mr. West.

Fan of new Republican phrase

I like Trump in the Republicanís new little phrase: ďJobs, not mobs.Ē

Thank you for explaining the issues

Thank you very much, Mike Jensen, for answering my question I called in the other day. This is Saturday, Oct. 20. You answered my question on the Sunday editorial ďAmericans always willing to help others in need.Ē Explaining the issues I couldnít read. Thank you.

In need of Corian

Does anyone know of someone who sells Corian or Corian-like solid surface cutting boards? If so, please leave your phone number. Or if you sell it or if you know of anyone that sells it please leave your number in Speakout. Thank you.

Start praying; Itís gonna get rough

Iím calling about this article saying the Democrats gonna destroy this country. The Democrats, we are not going to destroy the country. Whatís going to destroy the country is now this journalist, he missing and itís gonna cause a catastrophe. Remember when there was an oil shortage and everyone was going crazy because of the oil shortage? Well just think, if they keep this up about the journalist in Saudia Arabia they may cut off all the oil and what are we gonna do? This isnít about a Democrat or a Republican thing. What we need to do, is we need to start praying because itís about to get rough.

Keep us informed

Iím so aggravated at the consignment places in Sikeston that decide to go out of business and they donít contact their consigners. They have our number. I donít care if they have hundreds of calls to make. Right is right.