Saturday, November 10, 2018

Am I paying double the taxes?

Hello southeast Missouri, Scott County, New Madrid County. I have a question for you. I see they are building a new school down south of town here, in Sikeston that is. Itís admirable. We always need to keep updated and keep new facilities for the school. But, my issue is, are they going to jack up my taxes while Iím in Scott County and that school is in New Madrid County? Please tell me, because I ainít paying taxes in another county and I donít even have kids. Can you figure that? Double whammy. Maybe somebody will put something in there that is smarter than I am. I donít know. But please tell me Iím not paying taxes for another county and this one in Scott County too. Thank you, have a good day and God bless America.

The new Wing Elementary is in the Sikeston R-6 School District, regardless of the county line.

Great paving job on Highway 80

Delta Paving did a wonderful job blacktopping Washington Street in East Prairie, and Highway 80, all the way to where 80 ends near Matthews. They may have gotten a later start than promised, but I have never seen blacktop look this good. Thank you.