Saturday, November 17, 2018

What happened to multi-party system?

When I was going to school I was told there were several political parties in the United States. That you could be a Republican, Democrat, a Libertarian, or whatever party you wanted to belong to. Now, all of a sudden, if you are anything other than a Republican you are a member of Satan, you are a demon, you are anti-American. What has happened to the multi-party system? Thank you.

Look at young men in caravan

When I see the caravan of migrants headed to the American border on TV, I see flatbed trucks loaded with a large number of young, healthy looking men. I also see women with young children, some holding babies, exhausted looking and walking. What does that say about all these young men headed this way? Think about it.

Prayer doesnít work for everyone

Hello, Speakout. This is Nov. 7, 2018. You had quite a few speakouts today. It was good to see people expressing their thoughts. Iím pretty well gonna do the same. I read this one comment that says, ďbetter start praying.Ē Well, for some they might think that works. For some, you can pray until you fall over silly and praying isnít going to help. Itís only a comfort of mind of the individual when they fall to a weak point and they are looking for something to help them out. Iíve prayed a lot and it didnít bring my wife back. So, donít tell me that prayer works. Itís a psychological high and relief.

Weíll pray for you!