Saturday, November 24, 2018

School buses need to slow down

Good cold afternoon Heartland. Semper fidelis. Happy birthday, Marine Corps, Nov. 10. And events coming up Monday (Veterans Day). In reference to the Speakout I put in the other day about the new school in another county, I thank you for the information that it is a school district, regardless of the county line. I thank you for the reply back on that. As for the school buses, around here in Miner, I tell you what, these people here, these buses. I got the numbers and everything. They donít slow down for nothing. These speed signs and everything donít mean nothing. They got a schedule to keep I guess. But it is kinda unreal. Drive safe out there drivers. School buses be careful out there. Itís the silly season. Good night and God bless.

Looking for new insurance company

This is for the insurance companies. My insurance company for my house is in California. Because Florida had a hurricane in 2016 they raised my annual rates $200. When I complained that I didnít file a claim, they dropped their rates $50. If your insurance company does not raise your rates if Florida has a hurricane, please leave insurance companies telephone number in Speakout. Thank you.

Leave your leaves in your yard

North end of Sikeston property owners, beware: when you rake up your leaves, you might be raking up a neighborís leaves that are part in your yard, and their property will be clean of leaves. They blow their leaves away from their property to the side of a neighborís yard or across the street to the front and along the curb of anotherís yard. Some leaves are left in the street along the curb to be carried down the street drainage, causing street flooding, which I thought the city requested not to do. I donít appreciate additional leaves dumped in my yard to rake up and am sure others donít either.