Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tax bill tripled in Scott County

What is going on in Benton? I received my tax bill today. I own the exact same properties I have owned for the last two years, and yet my taxes have tripled. Can somebody explain that? The older property is suddenly now more expensive tax-wise? Címon people, whatís going on?

We contacted Mark Hensley, Scott County collector of revenue, who provided the following response: ďThere are several different reasons why someoneís taxes could increase so the best thing to do is call the collectorís office if you have any questions. Again, I urge anyone that has any questions regarding their county tax statements please feel free to contact me personally at (573) 545-3548.†We are here to serve you.Ē

Still stealing meds in Mississippi County

My grandmother, her medicine has come up missing, her pain medicine at a certain pharmacy here in Mississippi County. I know I cannot name it. I went on and called Jefferson City. They give you a web site and you just fill out the day you go in there and they will do an investigation. The places over here in Mississippi County. It might not be the owner thatís ripping the patients off but it is your workers and you had better put a stop to it before you lose your business, because there is an investigation going on. And they are probably doing it more because I have a friend in Sikeston that says a pharmacy has been cheating them on medicine that are $14 apiece. People think 10 or nine pills doesnít make a difference but you do 100 a month like that and theyíre making a lot of Missouri and there ainít no kickbacks to the State of Missouri. I talked to a Medicaid representative and they donít get no kickback if they cut you nine or 10 pills short. So donít believe your pharmacy.

Please check elderly in Morehouse

Yes, I would like to speak out about the elderly being checked on. It went on across Channel 12 TV screen the other afternoon wanting to know if they were checking on the elderly. And Iíd like to say this, if they would kindly mention Morehouse. Morehouse donít ever have anybody checking on the elderly. And I would appreciate it if they would check on the elderly people in Morehouse, which they donít do. And I thank you for letting me speak out.

Thank you for helping son

Nov. 16, my son and I were in LaRuleta restaurant eating supper and he got choked on a piece of meat. I would like to thank the gentleman that came to his rescue. Without him my son might not be here now. God bless you.