Wednesday, December 12, 2018

302 percent interest is a rip off

Yes, I had never been to a title loan place before and I took a friend by there, because he lost his job and had to get his vehicle fixed so he was going to put his title up to get his vehicle fixed. And, when the guy said “you borrowed $700 at 302 percent interest, $189 for 12 months,” I kinda looked at him and shook my head no. I stood up and I said, “hey man, I’ll loan you the money at no percent interest.” I didn’t know it was like that, 302 percent interest. If a bank would do that, or if Mike Jensen would say “hey, I’m charging you 302 percent interest on your bill,” there will lawsuits and they would be shut down and everything else. This is a shame. A bank can’t even charge you that. This needs to be regulated. I haven’t really paid attention to it before. They go after the poor. They go after the people that need a little cash and you know, that’s a shame. Three-hundred and two percent interest. If you don’t believe me, just have a reporter or investigator just call and ask how much it would be if they wanted to borrow and you will have a true story to write about. A rip off there in Sikeston. A big rip off.

Does ex-sheriff have to return money?

Thank you for taking my call. Now that sheriff, or rather the ex-sheriff Hutcheson has been released from office, my question is: What about all the money he was paid while he was on leave per se? He was not holding office, he was excused from office and he continued to receive his salary. Will this gentleman have to pay back the money the county gave him? Because he was paid for services that were not rendered. I’m just curious about sheriff Hutcheson or once removed from office. Is he allowed to keep the money he was paid while discharged from office or when he was put on extended leave? That is my question and I would appreciate an answer. And he finally got his justice and I am glad to see that taking place. Have a nice, merry Christmas. I will now.