Saturday, December 15, 2018

Electrify that wall and keep íem out

Hello America. We have a situation coming in and coming in strong from the south. Iím glad we got the wall and we need more wires, might as well hook up a little electric to it. Because we donít owe the South Americans or Mexicans a way of living. And they are coming over here like a bunch of fleas. Somebody said, Don, how would you correct that? I said, well, you know, if they were gonna invade my country, well, Trumpís doing good. Itís just some idiots Pelosi, and some liberal idiots. Might as well shoot some napalm around the borders. Hello. Hook some electric to those wires. I donít mean to be dusty or anything but thatís the way I feel because I was in the Marine Corps donít you know. And I had to deal with the crap too. So get real people. These people are coming over here and taking your money away from you. Your taxpayers, your welfare money. Let them all move to California. I donít care. Pelosi donít care. Brown, the governor donít care. Anyway, thatís my Speakout. God bless America.

Is Christmas already over?

Yes, I would like you to clear something up for me. Iíve been sick and havenít been able to get out and do much Christmas shopping. On Nov. 30 I finally went to the store and there wasnít much left. I said, ďAre you going to be getting some new stuff in for Christmas.Ē They said, ďHoney, Christmas is over with.Ē And the next day, on Dec. 1, the same thing happened to me. They said they werenít going to be getting nothing else in because Christmas is over with on Dec. 1. Well, then why do celebrate Christís birthday on Dec. 25 if Christmas is over with on Dec. 1. We are not celebrating Christís birthday. All you are wanting to do is spend, spend, spend. If you donít start buying for Christmas in July you just donít get nothing. Is that what youíre saying? Thank you.