Saturday, December 29, 2018

Keep those refugees out of our country

Hello Southeast Missouri. Ah, what a nasty day. But thatís immaterial. With all the South Americans coming to the wall, the borders and everything like that, all the liberals want them to come on in, come on in, weíve got plenty of money. Heck weíre a trillion dollars in debt now. All of you liberal pigs out there, crying about Trump spraying tear gas. Obama did it and you didnít even say nothing. I think he should have sprayed napalm. How about that? That would cure a lot of issues. But then again, in five years youíd have another two million kids born. Keep the border going. Hook electricity to it. Thatís all I can say. We donít need you in America. We already got plenty of you refugees over here. God bless America.

Why should we care about Mexican girl?

Yes, Iím calling about the Mexican girl who passed away. She wasnít a state citizen or nothing. They had a big thing on CNN. Well my nephew was sent home from a hospital, dehydrated, and passed away. It wasnít on no news, no nothing. So why are they making a big deal on a Mexican girl that was not a United States citizen? We are tired of it here in the United States. Taxpayers are tired of it. Why are we putting the same old people in Congress. Just our dumb butts. Thatís whoís doing it. Us. And itís time to stop.