Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Nothing wrong with putting up wall

Hello, hello, Southeast Missouri. Hello, Miner. Hello, United States. You know, I was thinking today of all the liberals and all these other idiots crying about president doing that wall and everything. I think itís a good thing. The thing about it is, they get all over him for doing all that but look at Obama and his wife and where they live at. They got a wall around their house. I mean, who do they not want let in? Theyíre useless. I donít want 100,000 idiots from South America and Mexico come in that weíve already got with tons of people that we donít need in here stealing our god dang deficit and everything. Everybody needs to regroup and think about this stuff. Weíre Democrat and weíre liberal and all this crap. Ladies and gentlemen, you make your bed now you lay in it. God bless America. Right on, President Trump.

Címon with your crazy gas prices

Címon Sikeston. A $1.99? Thatís 20 cents higher than the anywhere around the area. Címon. Címon places. Címon people letís show them. Letís donít pay 20 cents more per gallon. Letís drive an extra eight or 10 miles to get that gas for a $1.79, $1.81. This is crazy over here.