Saturday, January 19, 2019

BMU, please have mercy

I want to go to a BMU Board meeting and ask for mercy, the Board and ask they reconsider not having anybody with a flag on their account of a medical device that is keeping the dependent alive. I am not just another person on oxygen. I am a high flow level 8 constant oxygen. Unless you see the disk Oxymizer under a persons chin they are just an every day type oxygen user. On Dec. 1, a Saturday in the a.m., my Sikeston BMU electric was turned off so they could work on Wilson Street. I†was asleep and when I woke up about to black out I had to go a couple of steps to unhook from my oversized high flow machine to a giant backup oxygen tank. I blacked out as I was folding up going to floor I saw my USPS mailman Albert through the glass door and he could see I was in trouble. He came in and switched my oxygen hose from the electric oversized high flow generator to my giant back-up tank. Thank you and somebody tell the Sikeston Postmaster that Albert saved my life. I wish somebody like American Legion Post 114 or VFW would give Albert a Hero Award. I also want to thank BMU electrical distribution supervisor Bobby Stinnett for helping make his lineman aware of my needing to know when they cut Wilson Street electric off to work on it. I need to know in advance so i can move my oxygen hose to a giant backup tank. BMU Board please have mercy on high flow level 8 constant flow customers and allow our individual high flow BMU accounts be flagged.

Put them in jail

That nursing home where that woman got pregnant and had a baby and nobody knew about it, I donít believe that. They should fire everybody in there and put them in jail. The person they find that did it, if they work there, they should go to prison for life. The family must not visit her or something because they didnít notice she was pregnant. All the nursing homes are all the same. They donít care about the patients. They just care about that money they get in their pockets. They need to quit calling when they are going to come and just drop in and catch all that. All right. Thank you

Not happy with coach

Iíve never seen a coach get away with treating his ballplayers the way this coach has. Itís unbelievable that he can talk to them that way. Always negative towards them. And no one will do anything about it. This is not the first year this coach has acted this way. It was brought to peopleís attention last year and they did nothing about it.

You didnít say what coach.