Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Need to change use of deadly force

Now that we have a real president in office, we need to notify him to change the use of deadly force. When criminals either steal a car, or drive their car to outrace the cops, the cops should have the authority to use deadly force to stop them. The reason for that being, because there is three or four cops trying to stop one driver. On the other end of town there is an old lady. Just got her social security card and got her money on the card. She just paid all her bills and she wants to go buy some groceries and she saves a $20 bill for the end of the month. But nobody knows the cops are busy chasing the speeder. And he robs the old lady. Puts her in the hospital. Dumps all her groceries. He doesnít want those. He just wants the money. The cops should shoot the speeder and come back and protect the old lady. Now there is also the criminals who want to fight when they are getting arrested. When the cops get those cuffed, turn them over the judge and then turn them over to the Army and then send them to Afghanistan. Drop em down with one itty, bitty knife. Let them know when they kill 100 Taliban then they will be allowed to come back into the United States unless they have made comments against the United States. Write the President and tell him you support him and the southern wall. Have a nice day, and if youíre a dope head, leave my country. Bye.

And we wonder what is wrong with our country.

Agree leftists need to get past hate

Mike, I read your article and Rep. Jason Smithís article in the Jan. 9 paper and Larry Elderís article in the Friday edition, and I have to agree wholeheartedly with all three o you. If the leftist people could get past their hatred for President Trump and use the common sense the good Lord gave them, they would see that we do need the wall and that President Trump is doing a great job in securing the good, ole USA. But the leftists canít stand it because they didnít get Hillary Clinton elected as President. But the American people people were smarter than the leftists; they knew she was just another Obama made over, and Nancy Pelosi is exactly the same. They are just being stubborn, stubborn, stubborn people, and they want to call themselves politicians. They need to ask the good Lord for forgiveness. Thank you for letting me have my say. I get so tired of seeing these stupid people on the news. All they are wanting is attention. I kinda feel sorry for them, poor children, canít get their way so they just have a fit.

Where was Speakout?

Where did the Speakout go? There is no Speakout in my todayís paper. Iíd sure like for you to bring it back. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Donít worry. Speakout is still here. We simply did not have any to run that day.