Friday, February 8, 2019

Trump needs to be gone

What are they going to do with Trump and Pence and all of their lies. Also McConnell is not doing his job and Giuliani and all of his lies. They are supposed to be in the process of doing something with Manafort and Cohen for all their lies. Lets do something about the main ones. This administration is setting the US back 25 years. Iím glad the Democrat are not letting Trump and Pence get by with what they want. Our deficit is terrible. We donít need any more added to it. Itís a shame that they are getting by shutting down the government. Trump and Pence are getting by mistreating the people, shutting down the government and not getting paid. Also the food stamps for the poor. These people donít have anything to do with the wall. All four of these people should pay for the wall out of their own pockets. They are the ones that want the wall. I donít think all of this is true. He just promised this and he wants to make it happen. I donít have any faith in Trump. He lies so much. They say he lies all the time so why should we believe anything he says. I donít and I think they need to get him out of there. Him and Pence both. Thank you.