Friday, February 15, 2019

Miner needs to take care of hotel

Hello Southeast Missouri, hello Miner. You know what got me the other day? We have a malfunctioning system over here and I know it. They said something about clean the swamp and we got a reply from the editor and thatís cool. I liked it. But then the badge, heís got people running against certain individuals here in a coming up race. But how low can you get when you go sit in the church with the person and contradict yourself on a regular-day basis. But I guess thatís just the way it is. To put chapstick on certain people to get what you want. Especially when you got your main source that resigned to not back you up. Imagine that. So Mr. Editor, Iím just saying, weíre going to do the best we can do. Of all things I would like to hope our council and everything helps to get our motel rebuilt or whatever it takes to get them back in business, because they are vital asset to our town here. Itís unfortunate that this is the second one that weíve had in a few years. One was a tornado across the interstate and this one here. The taxpayers, we need these, because we donít have no help. Farm Implements are exempt because of Farm-Aid and all that stuff, so people think we get millions of dollars off that. We donít get nothing from them. They are the only ones getting rich off of it. Anyway, appreciate you Mr. Editor. Keep on doing what youíre doing. Thank you. God bless America Miner.