Saturday, February 16, 2019

In defense of God

In the song ďReckless LoveĒ by Cory Asbury, the central claim is that Godís love is ďreckless.Ē The definition of reckless is ďutterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless.Ē The act of reckless is to ďact without care.Ē With that in mind, is God reckless? The Christian tradition is that God is all-knowing, max-wise, perfect. So does this make sense? No, God always perfectly knows every consequence of every action. God cannot act reckless. He is perfect. Case closed? Godís love isnít some youthful infatuation. God is steady, well planned, wise. Defenders of the song say God himself isnít reckless; his love is. Unfortunately, thatís nonsensical. Itís like saying: ďJim isnít violent, but his temper is.Ē Letís be clear: if Jimís temper is violent, then it follows that Jim is violent. By the same token, if Godís love is reckless, then it follows that God is reckless. And God, most certainly, is not. So Ö case closed now. Please, Christians, donít be deceived or as blind sheep.

Package gets the runaround

I am speaking out about the United Staes Postal Service. We ordered a package from Walmart online around the beginning of January, and it was supposed to be delivered on or before Jan. 30. Itís now Feb. 1, and the package still has not arrived. When we asked questions about it, we were advised by the USPS that when the package hit Hazelwood, Mo., instead of being routed to our address in Bertrand, Mo., it was rerouted to Cincinnati, Ohio, for an unknown reason. I feel the public should be advised of how the USPS is handling our mail and why packages are late with no known reason.

What is the open-carry firearms law?

Iím just curious, I had this discussion with a friend about open carry firearms in Missouri. I thought the new law said you could open carry anywhere in the state of Missouri now, even in the city and local ordinances could not stop you from doing that. I was just wondering if that was true or if I just misunderstood the law on that part. Iím hoping to see if Sikeston has an ordinance against open carry or not. Thatís all I needed to know. Thank you and have a good day.

Free college could be worthless

All of the free college in the world will be worthless after the job creators go broke paying for it.