Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Sick of immigrants getting medical care

I hate to say this, but I just came back from St. Louis Childrenís Hospital, and what I heard up there was outrage. I am outraged. There is a black lady with a little girl and I overheard them saying something about couldnít run a test. Just today, two Mexicans came in there with their kids, and I just overheard about the test. Follow me. And then I got to thinking, that was the same test they told the black lady that the state wouldnít pay for her children. Iím a damn taxpayer and I am so tired of it. I would rather pay for a United States citizen any day. I donít care what color you are instead of these illegal immigrants that canít speak our language. Iím sick of it. Iím sick of it. I know I ainít the only one. Democrats just keep pushin, pushin, pushin. Well itís gonna be time pretty soon because whites and blacks will get tired of it. Always tryin to put the white and blacks fightin but let me tell you somethin, Iím a white man and I have helped more black people in my life than anything and this is a shame what they did to that black lady. Thank you.

Blow up Facebook and social media

Grown ups are always saying how people are stealing their childrenís identity and all that stuff. If theyíd keep their children and theirselves off Facebook, none of that stuff would go on. Social media, they put everything on social media, Facebook and people that are smart can trace all that down. Apparently people who put in on their phone there ainít too smart or they wouldnít put it on there. Itís just crazy. That Facebook and stuff should blow off the face of the earth. All itís done since it has been around is cause trouble because people are too stupid not to put their kids pictures and all that on there. And their kids shouldnít have Facebook or any of that stuff. Thank you.