Saturday, February 23, 2019

Some fodder for Speak Out

Overall, our national economy seems to be doing fairly well; however, I have some suggestions that I believe will help the economy even more and provide prosperity for all. Suggestion No. 1: This one if for the automobile dealerships. An example: Dealers currently sell vehicles with a list price of $60,000 for $48,000 after a discount and advertised savings to buyer of $12,000. I suggest the dealers increase the list price to $95,000 and sell it for $48,000. This would save the buyer $47,000 instead of only $12,000. This is a 292 percent increase in savings. This concept could be applied to other consumer goods from groceries to clothing. The grocery stores could start putting a MSRP of $6.50 on a can of beans and sell them for $0.85, a savings of 87 percent. We could ass become more wealthy in just a few weeks. Just imagine the amount of money we could save. The wealth accumulation would soon allow us to pay off the national debt within a year or so.


Suggestion No. 2: Increase the minimum wage to $85 per hour. This would eliminate the need for all of the money that is currently wasted on education. There would be no need for a person to go to school in an effort to obtain an education so they might get a better job that pays more money. We would no longer be out the expense of paying taxes for schools. I don’t think they are learning as much these days anyway. Schools these days are mostly propaganda tools used to promote the liberals and increase the fruit loop brigade. Add this this to the ones above and we would all be millionaires almost overnight.

I have some other ideas that border on genius that I will offer up if these are accepted with enthusiasm. Just testing the waters for now.

I fully embrace your ideas. Keep thinking!