Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Praise for the State of the Union

This was by far the best State of the Union speech Iíve ever heard from a sitting president next to President Reagan. President Trump, he gets it. This man, he loves his country and his people. And you have those Democrats that wouldnít as much as stand up. You can well believe me they will pay for it in 2020. These Democrats in Washington, D.C. They donít care about nobody except themselves and our votes. Thank you and God bless.

Tired of making phone calls

I wish you could call someplace, even the doctorís office or anything, and all you get is a recording. Push this button, push that button. You never get the button that you push, you never get any sense out. Half the time you donít even get it and when you do you might as well be talking to a recording because of the time the people donít know much either. Itís just crazy. I donít know why they have people in them offices that just sit around and do nothing. Humans should answer the phone and know what they are talking about without pushing buttons for 30 minutes and then not getting no information or anything. This modern stuff is crazy. A lot of people are getting irritated with it. Thank you.

The machine that took this Speakout is offended.

World needs more scholars

To the atheist is wrong caller, what is to keep a carpenter from being a scholar? The world would be better off if more carpenters were scholars. Of course it would mean you would have to read more than one little book that was written 100 years after Jesus lived.