Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Looking for a handyman

I am looking for someone who does work inside the home, repairs and outside the home. If you would leave your number I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Thank you for delivering paper

Yes, I would like to thank the good Lord for sending the angel that puts my paper up on my porch. I can get out there and get it. I just want to thank you for letting me speak out. I have put this ad in there before but I didnít see it. It may have been in there and I missed it. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Cable bill is way too high

Yes, I just found out my cable bill is going to go up. They canceled the Cinemax and the bill is going to go up to $255 a month and I canít afford that. This cable company we got here in town is just raising em up, raising em up and it keeps going up, no stop to end. Only thing I can suggest is everybody get together and cancel the cable. It might wake them up to lower these prices down. Not everybody can afford $200-300 a month for cable. Your local cable company here in town is the one doing this. Why cancel Cinemax and raise your price up? Does that make any sense to you. Letís just cancel it all and start giving these people some worry that they arenít going to have no customers. When they do that then they might lower the rates down.

Donít buy kids cell phones

I donít understand how all of these parents buying these kids big ole expensive cell phones and then they wonder how people get pictures of their kids for porn and stuff. If they wouldnít buy the kids cell phones they couldnít do that kind of stuff. Itís the parents fault. They just donít need to be doing that. Thank you.