Saturday, March 16, 2019

BMU bill confusion

This is about my BMU bill. I have a $31.85 total minimum charge on my electric, my water, my sewer, my irrigation and my water meter outside. Why donít you just call it a rate raise? I pay the bill every month. I donít have a minimum amount of usage. Sounds to me they are trying to slip a rate increase on me. $31.85 added to my bill as a minimum charge. Minimum to me should be if Iím not using it but I am using it. Always have. Itís just a rate increase.

We contacted Sikeston BMU General Manager Rick Landers who said: ďThis is not an added new charge or related to any rate increase.This charge has always been in our rates and in your bill, but was not specifically shown. In working with our billing vendor to better show the cost components of BMU services, the Customer Charge was mislabeled as a Minimum Charge. This should be corrected on the next billing cycle. Prior to the recent billing statement change, only the total cost of the service was shown.† The change was made in response to customers who wanted to better understand how their BMU charges were calculated.† Now you can see both the Customer Charge and the Usage Charge components that make up your total bill. We were responding to requests from customers and are sorry for any confusion it may have caused.Ē

Why did ads go away?

Will you please try to find out for me why they have stopped advertising the biflex and also the movie on the TV? I have arthritis in my knees and was getting ready to try both of these deals and all of a sudden they took the advertisements off of the TV. Iíd appreciate if you would find out for me why they took it off of the Channel 12. Thank you for letting me speak out.

You should call KFVS-12 to get your answer.

Genius didnít fix all problems

This is to the genius who figured out how to get rid of the national debt in education. He stopped a little short. He could have gotten rid of all the diseases and stopped the health insurance training doctors and stuff. I sure wish heíd hurry up and get rid of this cold I got. Thank you.