Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Annieís Mailbox is too small

Is there any chance you could go back to the original size of the printing of Annieís Mailbox? I can barely read it even with my reading glasses. Thank you.

Be more smarter, turn on headlights

I just Googled this and found the laws here in Missouri, but itís Feb. 28 in East Prairie, County Road 409. You are supposed to run your lights, especially when you are driving a very expensive Cadillac. I got an old truck and about wouldíve plowed you if I didnít double-look for headlights. It wouldíve probably been your fault because state law you supposed to have your headlights on. Iíd be a little more careful because this ole truck here probably ainít worth $500 and your car is probably worth $30-40,000. I think Iíd be very careful and it only takes a split second to push that button. Or you had to turn your running lights off. Itís just plum stupid to do it. Especially when you own a Cadillac. Probably wouldnít even hurt my old truck but I hope you read this in Speakout and next time, turn your headlights on. Or your parking lights, your running lights. It isnít worth it. Might have only been going 35 but still, ole truck, 250 would do a lot of damage. Be more smarter out here people. It donít take but a split second to turn your headlights on. Thank you.

People should protest high rates

I would like to Speakout about the high electric bills. I donít know why more people has not been calling into Speakout about this. People say that you canít do anything about it, well thatís why you canít do anything about it, is because everybody says that. Yes, if everybody would get together they could do something about this. People that are retired and living on a fixed income, but they may not qualify to get DAEOC or someone like that to help them, and it just keeps going up and keeps going up, and they have rent, groceries, medicine, insurance, but they are not working, they are working on a fixed income. They canít continue to keep paying. And it just keeps going up. Iíve been over here for four years and mine has tripled what it was. I just would like to know, maybe if everyone would get together and protest this, they would bring these utility rates down. A raise, an increase I understand that, but not just over and over again. People just canít keep paying it. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Sure you want to say Amen?

Amen to the atheist, who throws it back in Christianís faces. Amen is a Hebrew word, so all you racist, bigoted American Christians, sure you want to be using a Hebrew word?