Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Business closing isnít about taxes

Mr. Editor, how could you announce the closing of a major retail store in Sikeston without including the number of employees who will be affected one way or another? You donít want people to know, do you? See, it has nothing to do with taxes they pay. Taxes, just like the recent article in the St. Louis paper that Amazon has paid no taxes, zero, zip for the last two years on a $11.2 billion profit. This doesnít have a thing to do with taxes and you know it. It has to do with subordinating and killing off the working class. We know you exactly what you fake Christians have in mind. Fake. Fake, fake, fake. And you know you are. You would make Jesus puke if he knew how you were using his name.

Newt was gift to the country

I wish to address the input from the lady from Louisiana, who responded to an editorial entitled, ďDivisiveness Among Political Parties Grows.Ē I would like to say to this lady that Newt Gingrich is one of the most eloquent speakers and one of the most famous, best speakers of the House of Representatives that this country has ever known. He reached across the aisles and things got done under Newt Gingrichís leadership. Apparently this lady has some kind of real vendetta against Mr. Gingrich, saying he is the grandfather of negativity, he is a partisan, governmental gridlock, a blustering man who craves attention. Talks about his extreme forms of aggressiveness. She needs to get her facts straight. And then she wants to talk about our southeast Missouri prejudice. What about her prejudice toward us? Calling us names like that. I bet this lady is all for murdering these unborn babies in motherís wombs. I bet she is even for infanticide. How about we just call it what it is? We just call it murdering unborn babies. Abortion is murder. I bet this lady is for open borders to let anybody come into to our country to take any benefits they deem necessary and will file lawsuits if we donít give it to them. I bet this lady is one of the extreme anarchists that are out in our streets that is at the college campuses, indoctrinating our children into nothing but socialism. I bet this lady read Karl Marx. I bet she is a radical, anarchist, Marxists. And I highly resent her talking about my southeast Missouri prejudice.