Saturday, April 6, 2019

Trash rates are too high

This is about the trash pickup. They have those very large toters that are difficult to handle, even empty. Especially trying to push to the street with a cane, living alone. Seems the company that picks up the trash has no feeling for the customer. The new contract the city passed is more than any in the area, even Cape Girardeau. The citizens of Sikeston may not realize the city council passed a 27.6 percent increase in rates that is unreal. A rate increase from $18.41 to $23.49 a month without a competitive bid, that is wrong. I was told the city subsidized the purchase of the toters. Is this true? I only put my trash out one time a month, sometimes longer. $23.49 a month for one toter is outrageous. Can I opt out of services? I have a legal place to dump my trash. Will anyone answer my question and give a straight, true answer? Seems that any Sikeston government office is like what they call in Washington D.C. the old Potomac two-step. That is an answer with a non-answer. One final thought. I just got my new BMU bill. My electric bill is only $4.85 more than my solid waste pickup. Not saying electric is cheap. Saying trash pickup is too high. Please put this in Wednesday’s paper.

Glad see police chief impeached

Hello Southeast Missouri, hello Miner. We got sunshine today and the wind is calmer, as I should say. Maybe it will help dry the fields out. Oh, by the way, did you see what was in today’s paper? Chris Griggs gets impeached. Holy smoke, it’s a miracle. I know they’re appealing it. They should, I would too if I was in his shoes. It’s funny how some of these inmates and intimidating crooks say, “I went to church, I go to church over here, that’s my church.” They hide behind the Bible and try to get some sympathy. It’s amazing. Like I said before, he should have been a car salesman or a preacher because he can con the shoes off a horse. But anyway, I’m just glad to see sunshine and the green grass and onions are growing. Everybody in southeast Missouri we’re going to be just fine. And we’re happy we are done with the impeachment and let’s keep it going. And by the way, God bless America.