Saturday, April 13, 2019

Abortion is not ok

I donít know how in the world women and doctors can think abortion is ok. It is not ok. You are killing an innocent human being. If you donít want a baby, donít get pregnant. Itís not ok. They should be put in jail for murder. The woman that has the abortion and the doctor unless it is an absolute medical emergency. Thatís just ridiculous. Thank you.

Americans are hateful creatures

In the last two days I have seen on the streets of Sikeston a possum run over who must have been just lying in the street to get warm, a cat killed and just now a squirrel. No one in this town, in any neighborhood, should be driving so fast that they cannot avoid an animal. So it has to be deliberate. You are the people I hate in this country and you are the people who make me hate this country and most of the people in it. I canít stand you Americans. You claim to be American and you probably claim to be fake Christian. And you go around and all you want to do is murder and kill things and make people and creatures suffer. You hateful, hateful creature. You want to find the anti-Christ? Look in the mirror.

Step up and get rid of the couch

Yes, I live on North Ingram. And on our street, at the corner of North Ingram and DeSmet, there has been a couch in the street now for over a month-in-a-half. I have contacted the City of Sikeston and they said there is nothing they can do about it. Iíve contacted the police department to see if they can find out whose couch it is and they said there is nothing they can do about it. This is a very large tan couch. It is an eyesore. I feel that it is degrading the City of Sikeston and that the City of Sikeston should step up and dispose of the couch. Thank you very much.