Saturday, April 20, 2019

Probe was just a witch hunt

Well, after nearly two years, and billions of dollars spent on this Mueller probe, which the President rightly says was a witch hunt, we find there is no collusion. There was no obstruction of justice. We find, as the President says, a total witch hunt. This is what happens when we have news media like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and all the others. All the other fake news media, out there doing nothing but reporting lies and propaganda. Many of us knew it was going to turn out this way because we have sense enough to know all those news channels only support lies. They go out and tell lies. Itís nothing but propaganda trying to influence the opinion of poor people living in the United States who think that Democrats are for them. Democrats are for nothing but opening the borders up, allowing everybody from all over the world to come in and invade our country, take over our welfare, pull them from all over the United States from those who need and deserve that assistance. Taking food stamps, medical care, all these things from legal US citizens and giving them to anybody who can come across the border in the world. It is just absurd. And for murdering an unborn child in the motherís womb and for murdering a child after it has already made it through a failed abortion and we just sit there and wait to see if the mother wants to continue with the murder or not. This is the new Democrat Party. No, I take that back. This is not the new Democrat Party. This is the new Socialist Party. What used to be your grandma and your grandpaís Democrat Party is now nothing but roaring socialism in the United States. Have a good day.

All socialism does is fail

The Democrat Party of America, maybe I should refer to them as the Socialist Party of America. Their failed attempts at a coup díetat to overthrow a duly elected President and ultimately overthrow the United States government failed miserably. Thatís what socialism does. It fails miserably.