Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Get it together

Miner police department needs to get off their high horse and quit harassing citizens. Focus on the real issues at hand and leave people alone unless laws are being broken.

Electric rates doubled in five years

My sister and I were discussing our electric bills this morning. I decided to go back five years and compare. I keep all of my bank records. And in April of 2014 my bill was $177. And this April, 2019, my bill is $307. Same house. One occupant and it is almost double in five years. I don’t understand this customer charge. Am I getting charged to make a cup of coffee every morning? I just can’t believe that we are paying almost double in five years.

Tired of the Dems causing trouble

The American citizens are so tired of listening to the Democrats trying their best to disrupt the president from going forward with the business of America. Look at the betterment of the economy over the last eight years. If politicians were everyday employees, they’d had their butts kicked out the door on the second day. God bless America.

Be thankful for Sikeston trash rates

This is in response to “Trash rates are too high.” My advice is to stop complaining and be thankful. Some cities, for instance, Poplar Bluff, does not have city contracted trash pickup. It is up to the individual home owners and renters to get their own trash contracts with trash companies and it is about $50 a month.

Keep your legs closed and panties on

All these little ole gals who wonder who their babies belong to, if they’d keep their legs crossed and their panties on before they get married and keep sleeping with every man in the country. And getting married before they have a baby and everything and be faithful to their husbands maybe they’d know who the baby belongs too.

Won’t vote for Jesus if he’s a Democrat

If Jesus Christ ever runs for a political office and runs as a Democrat, he will not get my vote.