Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New poll shocks caller

A new poll says that 80% of Democrats, I mean socialists, voters say that climate change is their number one issue for the 2020 presidential election. Can you believe that? Climate change which was based on nothing more than false and misleading scientific information by the scientist who were swayed by means of false information that they based their principles on. And this is what the socialists who are running under the slogan of a Democrat are proposing that the number one issue to them is climate change. Eighty-two percent of Democrats believe that climate change is the number one issue in the presidential election. That is unbelievable. They think that our planet is going to explode in 10 years. This just shows you what God has done to so many people in the country. Millions of people are being blinded by the truth.

Where is the grocery ad?

Yes, I would like to know why the Portageville Food Rite ad is no longer in the Sikeston paper. Thatís one of the main reasons I get it. Itís no longer in the Sikeston or the Portageville paper. Thank you.

Caller doesnít have phone book?

Hello, Iím a new resident of Sikeston. Iím a senior citizen and I donít have transportation anywhere. I need to know the number of your cab services or your transportation services that you have in Sikeston that can get me where I need to go. If you could get me names and numbers I would appreciate it. Thank you.