Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Donít use child against grandparents

I just wanted to say that I feel sorry for people that are so mean and vicious and trashy, that when they have an infant born in their family and only mention one of the grandparents. I donít agree with it. I donít think it is a good idea to use your children to beat people with for affection and I think it is pretty low of the person who does that. Hold a grudge over something their parents may or may not did to suit them. I just wanted to let you know and you know who you are.

Cemetery destroyed

Yes, Iíd like to speak out about someone being allowed to destroy a cemetery off of Ingram and Salcedo Road where they are clearing the trees away from the power line. I can understand they may not have known one was there, but once they found the headstone, why didnít they investigate. It is an old cemetery. But thatís beside the point. It is sacred ground. Thank you.