Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Are the Democrats bound up?

I was just watching the news and I was wondering if the Democrats in Congress in the United States anyway, knows the difference between Constitution and constipation? Thank you.

Beware of the dog

Recently our neighborhood mail carrier was attacked by an unleashed dog. I don’t know if she was bitten or frightened. It doesn’t matter; this is totally unacceptable. Hopefully, the dog was removed from the premises, the owner was cited and the carrier received proper care. I’m so sorry this happened. Speaking of “unacceptable,” the post office is now refusing to deliver mail to anyone in our neighborhood. One neighbor’s misbehavior should not mean punishing the entire neighborhood. I spoke to a post office employee who said that, if we want our mail, we must get P.O. boxes. Is this policy, or is the post office using this incident as a means to rent more P.O. boxes?

Need help with garage sale leftovers?

Hello, this is for everybody to know that has garage sales, if you need mother and daughter pick ups to clean up the messes afterwards, maybe you’ve lost our number or something. We need some more pickups. We will pickup and straighten up the messes for you. If you need help with your garage sale items to get rid of them, call 931-4609 and we will be glad to pick these up for you. Thank you.