Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Democrats know the Constitution

To the Speakout caller who wondered if the Democrats and Congress know the Constitution Ė Iím sure they know it better than a yahoo like you. Youíre too much of a winger to know any better.

Trump being elected was fake news

Since President Trump always says ďfake newsĒ when they are saying something about him or something he didnít like, well I guess itís fake news that he didnít actually win the president. When they told him he won the president I guess it was fake news too. Everything he does he claims is fake news. No matter what they say it is always fake news. When he does what he says, it is just the way he covers up his stories. As a matter of fact I wish it was fake that he didnít win the president.

How do you put meth in a coconut?

I would like to know if any of the readers had a chance to read the weekend news in the Standard Democrat? US Rep. Jason Smith seems to have gone down to the border to make a visit to see what was going on. He made the comment that a semi-load of coconuts was apprehended down there. The border patrol cut them open and they were pulling up balloons that were full of liquid meth. I would like to know if anybody can tell me, how you take a coconut, as hard as it is, get a balloon in there and fill it up with liquid meth and then seal it back up so that nobody knows there is a balloon on the inside. If somebody knows how to do this, I would sure like to know what is going on because I donít know how that is possible.